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Our Purpose:

The purpose of the Nebraska Traditional Archers is to promote responsible and ethical bowhunting practices and to support other archery organizations who do the same, to bring together people with a common interest and appreciation of traditional archery equipment and methods for the purpose of increasing their knowledge, skill and enjoyment of traditional archery. To ensure continuation into the future the traditions and skills passed down by those bowmen who came before us.

About our club:

The Nebraska Traditional Archers was incorporated as a non-profit organization in February 1996 with the organizing of enthusiastic bowmen dedicated to promoting traditional archery in Nebraska. The purpose of the club was to provide members, their families, and those interested in traditional archery, a place to gather, learn about, and expand their traditional archery skills and knowledge. Working from scratch this new organization was able to acquire 3-D animal targets and hold the first annual Nebraska Traditional Archers Rendezvous in Plattsmouth on Labor Day 1996. Each year this Rendezvous continues to be the largest gathering of Traditional bowmen in Nebraska. In 2001, the Rendezvous and other club events were moved to Fremont where they remain today.

The club publishes a high quality quarterly newsletter, “The Nebraska Traditional Archer”, holds an annual Banquet, organizes an annual Pheasant Hunt with traditional bows, an annual 3-D Spring String Shoot, sponsors a Traditional Archery Triathlon, holds monthly business meetings open to all members, and sponsors several other traditional events throughout the year including an annual 2-day Self Bow Building Jamboree, BOJAM, that began in 1996, and is the oldest continuous bow building jamboree in the nation.

The club has established a strong relationship with the Fremont Chapter of The Izaak Walton League. They graciously allow the club to use their facilities to conduct monthly business meetings and the annual Bow Building Jamboree. Beginning in 2009, members of the Nebraska Traditional Archers aided with construction of a new Archery Range at the Fremont Izaak Walton Park. Since its construction, this Range has been used by multiple archery organizations within the state for numerous events.

Today the club has a greatly expanded corps of board members, officers and volunteers who are energetically involved at all levels of traditional archery. We have a strong financial foundation and a strong membership base, who actively participate in our numerous annual events.



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